YES! We do surf in Corsica!

And the Algajola’s Bay is one of the best-known spots in Upper Corsica to do so.

Sometimes patience is required though, cause not every day there are waves. But several times a month, after a well oriented gust of wind, the sea rises and, as the wind gets weaker, the Mediterranean Sea gets ready to surf.

We can offer you a large assortment of surfboards to rent, that we would recommend you according to your level and the waves size.

We also rent bodyboards, short and rectangular pieces of foam that allow you to ride waves on your stomach. We would choose the most adapted bodyboard for you, according to your body type, and we would also provide you with a pair of swim fins, that Bodyboarders typically use for additional propulsion and control while riding a wave.

Finally, either to ride waves or to sail along calm waters, you can also rent a Stand Up Paddle to propel across the surface of the sea.

Open from June to September